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Apr 14, 2010

Thank You & Congratulations To The Newly Weds (M&A)

First of all I'd like to Congratulate the newly weds and thank you for inviting me. Fantastic party. Met old friends and new.

Going to the event was a drama nevertheless, I made it to the...reception. I was aiming for the church, honestly. After a lot of changes before I got through the door, somehow I gave-in to wearing high-heels. I completely tried explaining why I DON'T WEAR HEELS but nothing gets through when your under scrutiny with a fashionista. I can understand why but please, NEVER THE HEELS.

No use crying now since I already pass glee and at the same time torture (2" heels) from the event. Yes, my feet still hurt but like I said, it's a joy to see old friends at the same time.

I've got few photos from that night but I will only show here their awesome giveaways. I couldn't stop shouting the name "Ghirardelli!!" Now that I've regain calmness and comfort from taking of the shoes, I must say that I'm a little embarrassed. I'm also quite confident that they won't remember me...I hope.