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May 1, 2010

Herb Garden (May 1, 2010)

(Sweet Basil)

Pardon me. I didn't take the Mint's picture because it's not inspiring to see but I'm working on it.

Sweet Basil is doing alright. The one on the right side of this pic is sort of new. Remember the Mint that I've included last April 16? Back then I found a small twig with roots. It looked like it was gone but I was still hopefully. I thought it to be a Mint but days after, it grew out to be a Sweet Basil. So I transferred it to this pot.

I'm going to move that Onion somewhere else 'coz it's getting crowded.


I'm so happy with Tarragon. If you can see the leaves at the top, is small. That's how small the leaves were when I started watering it. I didn't realize weeks after that Tarragon leaves were bigger (notice the lower part of the pic). Heck, I thought it was Thyme back then.