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Apr 29, 2010


I am going insane! This long hours of brownout is RIDICULOUS! All this torture, pain, SCORCHING HEAT, sweat, immobility and especially unable to use the computer and net. What the hell?!! We have to live too, you know. One of the joys of coming back to Davao was because we use to have short brownouts. The longest was 30 minutes. Now it's 3 - 6 hrs of hell!! My lips are tired of whistling calling the cool wind (it's our old culture here to call the cool wind by whistling).

I'm thinking of getting a generator but that's expensive since you'll be needing gasoline for that. ACK!! Then I saw a product in the net that we're in dire need of -SOLAR POWER. That should have been a very obvious source of alternative energy instead of focusing on nuclear energy.