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Nov 4, 2009

AT LAST! I Fixed The Scribe Template!!

Excuse me for awhile please...("BWAHAHAHA-HUHUHU-HAHAHA-HUHUHU-HAHAHA-HEHEHE. Thank gad!"...This is just me expressing my experience through painstakingly fixing the Scribe template.)

Okay, I'm good. Now, for the past few weeks the Scribe template that I've been using "broke." I've checked the help forum (so far, it didn't help). As to how I could fix the template?...It got me lost even more. So I posted my concern and told myself that there's a BIG possibility that I'll be retracing every step that I did before the disaster and immediately answered myself, "Hell no!"

So I tried painfully to understand these new codes (????) and it still didn't work. I kept thinking that it must be the "jump break" because ever since I placed the breaks, my template went nuts. I've pulled myself together to face the horror of PAINFULLY going through ALL of my entries to remove the them (jump breaks) MANUALLY. Oh the pain, my eyes, my back, the laborious task - ACK! But I got the Scribe Template back. WEEE!

Why did I placed "jump breaks" on my blog? I thought it's practical. Ever since I saw someone's blog have it, I thought I also needed to placed "jump breaks." I scared off a lot of "possible surfers" because of my "very long" blog entry/ies. This made them dizzy, literally.

I know from the beginning that my blog is quite heavy because I'm a visual person and I can't stop myself posting images/pictures on to my blog. "Jump breaks" is the solution but I think it's not YET ready to be used. I could learn the codes manually but as of now, I've got no time for it. I'll wait for it when it's safe for non-techy like me to use it.

Next task: fix the horizontal buttons - AGAIN! Oh the horror of redundancy! Aaah!

(For people who can't do html)

1)You need to have the width of your site. Just press "Print Screen" on your keyboard.

Paste the image captured (from "Print Screen") and from there, you get the width of your buttons. TADA!

2)Create your buttons! Click new layer for you to create the "hover button."

Make sure that their on the same spot because you'll be "cutting" them later on.

sample (this is basic stuff...I think):

3)After you've finished creating your normal and hover buttons, start cutting them.

There's a tool called "Slice Tool" which is supposedly the tool to use but I didn't use it because from my experience, there's a lot of negotiation with that thing.

Just drag your guide lines to the respective spaces and use the marquee tool to do the cutting. What I did was marquee>copy>ctrl+N>paste>save.

For the hover buttons, just hide the layer of the normal buttons. Since we've created the hover buttons on the same space just copy>ctrl+N>paste>save...

Painful, yes. Rewarding? (uhm...) You'll see later on. Stay with me.

4)I've uploaded the images to Picasa but if you've got another idea where to upload it...Well we'll try that one too.

5)Open another tab (if you're using mozilla) and open

6)On the Link URL:
» This is the url where your button goes. (I assume you've organized your labels already).

NOTE: Don't type "http://" because they automatically place it in when you click "CREATE CODE."

7)On the Mouse off image:
» This is the url where the normal button is located
(right click on "View Image" and you'll get the url for the image).

8)On the Mouse on image:
» This is the url where the hover button is located (R. click on "View Image" and you'll get the url for the image).

9)Click CREATE CODE!! Copy and paste the code on to the "HTML Gadget."

Hmm...not really "quick" huh? Oh well. Good Luck!