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Oct 2, 2009

SHARK Infestation (just a bandanna)

Lately, I've been bombarded by images of shark or am I just watching too much TV.

I've been planing (since the beginning of time) to do some hand painting on a bandanna because I'd like to wear 1 but can't get it around my head. So I decided to make my own that fits me even though I'm lousy at sawing. My right forefinger and thumb was hurting because of the needle and the thick clothe. But I continued on since I wanted to have 1 mainly because I wanted to paint it.

Finally, here it is! It's not precise but it fits my head (thank god). Btw, this is not hand painted but airbrushed (obviously from the pics). I got carried away w/ the base coat. It's no perfect but I'm excited to do more...Want a customized bandanna too?