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Jun 3, 2009

My Head Goes BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOOM!!!

I was eating my sandwich in the....uhm, morning at a donut store and across it is a computer shop. While I was eating my food, I notice their headphones/earphones display. So after eating, I went there to check it out.

I had no intention going to this "geometric shape" named store but my inner voice was nagging to go there. As always, I listened to the "force." Stores usually display headphone w/ the mic attached to it but I'm not looking through those. I just need the headphones. Then suprise suprise (Yay for me), I found a Nortek EAM 2000. Well, I don't know anything about Nortek but I saw its unique design and labeled as "used by DJs". Cool!! It must be good but I just wanted to be sure and placed it at the back and away from interested eyes.

I went straight on researching about this product. It was difficult because the net doesn't have much info about it except it's an Italian brand. Then I stumbled upon this link: which helped me decide what to do. I certainly didn't regret it because I was also suspicious about the price then. Now I'm a happy music lover. You see, like "The Giornale" music is also very important in my life.

For the other music lovers out there, check out this product Nortek EAM 2000