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Mar 21, 2009

Benji & Donyelle (S.Y.T.Y.C.D. 2006)

I know that everybody have been hyped-up about "Americano Idol." I'm not really into it but I favor the guy called "Nick", the girl with a tattoo on her right arm (I like her voice, it's jazzy) and the guy with glasses. I can't remember their names and I'm too lazy to search for them.

I've been so down and having passed So You Think You Can Dance 2006, I found comfort and sometimes a bit happy watching Benji & Donyelle dance. I first saw their "Cha Cha" and love it. I also can't forget the "Vietnamese Waltz" were Donyelle mistakenly said several times. There are other pairs that I like but these 2 stands out.

(AAH! I found their Hairspray Routine)

(Please YouTube, don't take these videos down.)