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Mar 4, 2009

Akafellas - Baby I Love Your Way

(Ryan Cayabyab at back of the hallway...)

I'm a fan (ofcourse, why post it?). Sadly, I'm horrible at remembering names. People here can attest to that. I don't remember when I 1st heard about them. I seldom see this group and now I found them with RCS. I thought they're amazing as you can hear why.

In the evening of 2007 where people are going home from work or grocery, I stepped in the elevator like everyday. This night was different. I stood close to the buttons, turned left and saw a guy who looks very familiar. I wasn't sure at first if his one of the Akafellas. I took many glances (w/out him knowing, I hope) and he does look like one of them (his tall guy with glasses from the vid above). I wanted to ask to confirm and ofcourse take our picture :D and show it off to my sisters (1 of the Akafellas is my neighbor!).

Alas, gripped by fear I wasn't able to ask nor had a photo opt (cluck cluck cluck) considering it was just the 2 of us in there (wuss, cluck cluck...). I did see him 3x after that. Cluck cluck cluck...