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Oct 19, 2006

Who The Heck Is Travis Charest?!?

Being gone in the comic scene for years & would love to get back into it again. I have very little information about what’s going on. Honestly speaking, I don’t know who Wilson Tortosa, Carlos Pagulayan, Bong Dazo, etc. who, were at my first attendance of the seminar. I see a lot of the attendees coming up to them for pictures, or autograph signing. I was either sitting or standing there going, uh...what’s going on?

I have not heard of Travis Charest until Bong Dazo mentioned him in the last 4th Annual Comic Creation Seminar to be the almost artist replacing Jim Lee. He was in awe when he show us samples of T. Charest artworks & I have to say that his impression was hilarious (I love listening to B. Dazo especially his impression of Wolverine, lol). He said he was in love at first sight of his works w/ eyes popping out. I just checked Travis Charest works in the net & MY GOD MAN, Bong Dazo wasn’t kidding!!! My jaw dropped (*anvil ting) at the sight of his works. What kind of hands does this guy have, nano-hands?!? His penciling looks microscopic, very detailed and I do mean VERY DETAILED.

I would have downloaded more of his works but my eyes are still bleeding with envy.