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Apr 15, 2006

Lost Gospel of Judas

National Geographic
The Lost Gospel of Judas

This is really amazing. All these centuries, we believe/d that Judas was the biggest traitor of all time and now, it is revealed or rather part of it that he is the most loyal Apostle of all.

"..."Jesus says it is necessary for someone to free him finally from his human body, and he prefers that this liberation be done by a friend rather than by an enemy.

"So he asks Judas, who is his friend, to sell him out, to betray him. It's treason to the general public, but between Jesus and Judas it's not treachery..." Continue Reading Article »

My god, this is getting surreal for me. I will explain probably after 5 or 6 years from now, why it’s so surreal for me. Trust me, you wouldn’t understand. All will be explained when the people are ready to listen. For the meantime, enjoy reading (if you can) National Geographic's exploration about this.
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