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Apr 30, 2006

Warm Embrace

“1 Whole”
by: ReN

How I long to be this close to you
I wish we could stay forever like this
How I could feel your warmth
How my head rest by your chest
Listening to the rhythmic sound of your beat
I feel you feel the same way
By how tightly you embrace
How you rest your cheeks on my head
How I feel your warm breathe caress my scalp
As if you’re whispering without words
The sound of it is enough to make me understand
How you also long for my touch
How I lean heavily by you
Letting you feel how much I trust you
Letting me feel how much you care
How we wanted for time to slowdown
Living every second to be a lasting moment
We utter not a word
Lock at each others’ arms
Not one of us wanting to let go
Everything seems peaceful
Everything seems at its place
Everything seems to be one
Nothing around will take this away
Alas, cruel it may seem
But we are needed elsewhere
Our paths lead us apart
But we know it will cross somewhere
From this never ending lonesome road
And when that time comes
We will remember each other
Then our embrace will be as tight as before